On Point With Chris K. Little

Chris Little, the Senior Product Manager for ClarkDietrich, is a valued and respected member of TLCPA. He has helped shape industry standards for lathing, plastering, installation of masonry and stone. In a recent article, On Point With Chris K. Little, Chris discussed the current status of the plaster and lath industry. Below are a few of the points he covered:

• Stucco embedment problems are currently the biggest issue for the industry.

• Embedment is critical to long-term performance of the stucco.

• New insulation code issues are affecting the category.

• The ASTM C-11 Committee meets to review proposed changes to the standards. The most controversial issue recently raised is how to properly install control joints into the lathing system.

• The biggest challenge facing stucco contractors is the fear of litigation related to the embedment issues.

• ClarkDietrich is working on a system to improve the stucco installation technique resulting in better installation performance.

To read Chris Little’s full article, click here. TLCPA is dedicated to seeing that architects, general contractors, builders, and the public receive reliable, thorough specifications and quality work on all phases of the walls and ceilings industry in Texas. To learn more about us and how to become a member, please contact us at (817) 587-1721 or complete our online form.

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