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2022 is TLPCA’s 70th Anniversary Year

Since 1952, the Texas Lathing and Plastering Contractors Association (TLPCA) has provided an essential resource for the promotion of quality methods and practices in the lathing and plastering trades and the walls and ceiling industry.  For seventy years, our organization has helped to establish workmanship standards for the entire wall & ceiling industry all across the state of Texas, including industries such as drywall, stucco, veneer stone, fireproofing, and beyond.  Our Association and Board have helped promote and advance the industry to ensure the type of quality work and durable design the public requires and deserves.

The Texas Bureau for Lathing and Plastering (TBLP) is a promotional and educational organization for the industry-funded by the TLPCA to serve the construction industry. The Bureau has established design and specifications standards for the industry in Texas.

Drywall, plaster, stucco, E.I.F.S., acoustical, veneer stone, and fireproofing are all a part of the walls and ceilings industry. The TLPCA is an organization for the promotion of quality methods and practices in these trades. Since 1952 the Association members have established the workmanship standards for the industry in Texas.

Together with the Association and its affiliate organization, the Bureau, are dedicated to seeing that architects, general contractors, builders, and the public receive reliable, thorough specifications and quality work on all phases of the walls and ceilings industry in Texas.  The Association and the Bureau work together to ensure consistent, quality work is completed throughout the industry and across Texas.


TLPCA Membership Benefits

Professional Development

Our community of professionals can help you to develop your business and your skillset.  Working in tandem with the Association, the Bureau, and the members of the organization, you can make sure your professional development sets you on track to adhere to the quality work standards advanced by the TLPCA

Showcase Your Work

Throughout the year, we have a number of community events, including our annual Convention and Trade Show.  These events provide you with an opportunity to showcase your work as well as receive new ideas and opportunities engaging with the professional community.

Dynamic Community

Professionals in our dynamic community come from a variety of wall & ceiling industries across Texas and beyond, including drywall, plaster, stucco, E.I.F.S., acoustical, veneer stone, and fireproofing.  Join our professional and dynamic community to connect with other professionals in your area, improve your skillset, and expand your professional network.

Industry Resources

For seventy years the TLPCA has been the touchstone for the highest community and professional standard in our industry.  We can provide you and your business with the industry resources necessary to help you advance your business and your skills.

Savings & Discounts

Become a member today to receive discounts on events and our Golf Tournament. We have a lot of fun and networking during these events, so the savings is even more valuable.

Job Opportunities

Being a part of a the TLPCA provides important opportunities for many types of professionals.  If you are interested in helping forward the industry, create the community, and ensure high and uniform industry standards, you may be a good fit to work directly with the TLPCA.  Our job opportunities could help you find a fulfilling career to help bring the industry to new heights.


Attend an Event

Please mark your calendars and save the dates for our annual Clay Shoot and Fishing Tournament.

  • Clay Shoot: Thursday, August 18th at Elm Fork (Dallas)
  • Fishing Tournament: Friday & Saturday, September 23rd & 24th at Tanglewood (Lake Texoma)
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