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Scholarship Program

TLPCA Scholarship Program

The TLPCA Scholarship Program is accepting applications at this time. The Scholarship Program is open to TLPCA members, member's families, member's employees and family members of employees

January 15, 2018 is the deadline to submit applications. Applicants will be advised of results.

Please complete and return the application to: TLPCA, P. O. Box 152282, Arlington, TX 76015.
Call the Association Office at 817-461-0676

TLPCA Scholarship Application

Scholarship Committee Members

Chad Dupree | Diversified Plastering
Andy Boyd | Galindo & Boyd Wall Systems
Joe Kerlee | Quikrete Companies
Tanner Spears | Griesenbeck Distribution Group

The Texas Lathing and Plastering Contractors Association (TLPCA) is an organization for the promotion of quality methods and practices in these trades. Since 1952 the Association members have established the workmanship standards for the industry in Texas.

P. O. Box 152282 Arlington, Texas 76015

info@tlpca.org or yvonne@tlpca.org

(817) 461-0676